The Secret Of A Bounce

- Writen By Douglas C. Klinedinst

The Secret of A Bounce presents an inspirational formula for recovery. You cannot prevent devastating events from happening. However, you can take control over the outcome. You can recover from a fall. How you survive the impact and experience restoration determines your future. . The important thing to remember is ... You Can BOUNCE!

Overview Of Main Chapters

  • Chapter 1

    The fall is going to happen. Crises will come. You can face the future with hope and the assurance of coming through the situation. 

  • Chapter 2

    This is the moment of trauma. You will be pushed out of shape and possibly become confused. Your character attributes will determine your outcome.

  • Chapter 3

    You will recover. You can come back better than you were before the crisis started. Soon you will regain your identity as an overcomer.

  • Chapter 4

    The comeback will be greater than the fall. Your failure does not mean you cannot succeed. you just have to learn to BOUNCE!

What Some Others Are Saying ...

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  • Great Book! I still remember the message you preached in Jacksonville ... "bounceology". What a tremendous blessing it has been to me. 

    Cheryl Sanders, - Jacksonville, FL
  • Doc, this book is absolutely fantastic! Everyone in pentecost needs to read this book! It's is going to be a blessing to so many people. 

    Pastor Jeff Arnold, Gainesville, FL
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The Secret Of A Bounce

To fall rapidly,  hit suddenly, and rebound decisively!